Christen & Jimmy

In the spring I had the privilege of shooting two of my best friend’s wedding with Jacob Lewis. Jacob and I are starting a Wedding Cinema Co. called Caravan. But back to what I was saying, I was able to film Christen and Jimmy’s wedding and it was a blast, so here is the video and some stills from the day.

ChristenJimmy 0083

ChristenJimmy 0172

ChristenJimmy 1085

ChristenJimmy 1244

ChristenJimmy 1288

ChristenJimmy 1749

ChristenJimmy 1983

ChristenJimmy 2831

ChristenJimmy 3483

ChristenJimmy 4527

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  1. Mostapha says:

    so much fun to get the call from the wedding coeplus saying we just had a baby!! .a0 Christin & Pier were married last May, and already they have a beautiful new addition to their family for me to

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